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cremation services Rosemont, IL

Why Cremation Is More Popular Than Ever

You may have heard a few things about the increasing prevalence of cremation. It is no joke. Cremation has become far more popular in the United States than it once was. Naturally, one wonders why that has become the case and whether that may affect their own plans. Does the increase in cremation mean it is right for you? Possibly. But only you can answer that question. If you or someone you know is looking into cremation services Rosemont, IL, you should know that there are a number of professionals in your area who are prepared to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. There is no reason for cremation to remain a mystery. For too long, many have had reservations about cremation because they didn’t fully understand the process and weren’t sure if it was right for them. That’s changing.

Indeed, cremations in the United States are now just as common as traditional burial. That represents a significant increase over the last several decades. Cremation was exceedingly rare in the 1950s and 1960s. To be clear, cremation has been relatively common around the world for a very long time. Attitudes in the United States, however, took a while to change. Now people are increasingly comfortable with the idea of cremation and turning to it more and more frequently. You may be wondering why that’s the case, and you may be wondering if cremation is right for you, too.

The first reason cremation has become more common is understanding and acceptance. The process is handled in an extremely professional fashion. Experts overseeing the process don’t make mistakes, and the cremation itself is quite straightforward. With the availability of online information and other word of mouth, more and more families are learning about what cremation entails and realizing that it might make a lot of sense for them.

There is also more religious approval of cremation than there once was. While certain religions still frown upon or prohibit cremation, the Catholic Church began approving the practice just decades ago. That has been a game-changer, encouraging many Americans that cremation is perfectly fine.

Perhaps the most significant cause for an increase in cremation is its cost and convenience. The process itself generally lasts just a few hours, and families are then presented with cremated remains. Whereas burial inevitably requires a family to invest in things like a casket and land for the burial, that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to cremation. There are a lot of options when it comes to handling cremated remains, and some of them can be quite affordable. Those options represent another reason people turn to cremation—it allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to remembering the deceased in a unique and positive fashion.

cremation services Rosemont, IL

If you are in need a of a cremation services Rosemont, IL, consider reaching out to Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium. We take great pride in making things like cremation easier on you and your family during your time of need. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you.

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Talking to Family About Funeral Arrangements

For many, thinking about funeral arrangements isn’t easy. Talking about them may be even more difficult. That is perfectly understandable. Many of us don’t enjoy thinking about these things and may be reluctant to discuss them with friends and family. But whenever possible, we should fight the urge to go it alone. Working alongside family can be extremely helpful. If you or someone you know is looking for a funeral homes Rosemont, IL, remember that there are also professionals in your area who can work with you to make the planning process much easier. In the meantime, you should think about reaching out to your family and how to do so more effectively. Every family is different, but it is important to bring them to the table whenever it is possible. After all, they will be the ones who handle many of the funeral arrangements when the time comes. Leaving them in the dark may be a mistake.

Why is it so important that you involve your family when it comes to making funeral arrangements?

First, it can be extremely beneficial just to talk things out. Your family may wind up being something like a sounding board, and that’s perfectly okay. These remain your decisions, and personal decisions at that. Involving your family shouldn’t change that. Your preferences are the important thing, and you shouldn’t forget that. But sorting out some decisions with family can make it easier for you to think through the costs and benefits associated with different options.

Second, your family will eventually be instrumental when it comes to carrying out those funeral arrangements. Eventually the matter will be left in their hands. Ideally, you don’t want your plans to come as a total surprise. Nor do you want to risk a world in which your family winds up debating the merits of various options on their own. Remember, your preferences and personal wishes should be decisive. You don’t want things to get out of hand when the time comes, and that can happen if you haven’t clearly expressed your wishes.

funeral homes Rosemont, IL

To that end, be sure that you have left written instructions about everything from caskets and urns to the kind of service you want held. And make sure your family knows where to find those instructions. The more you speak with them about these kinds of things, the easier it will be to get the job done. You don’t have to turn these discussions into a massive ordeal or family “conference.” Private discussions can be small and sometimes very brief. They can also feel very casual. There is nothing wrong with that. But you should make the time for them, and you should make sure your family knows you are seriously considering the issues at hand.

If you are looking for a dignified funeral homes Rosemont, IL, consider reaching out to us at Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium. We take your needs seriously and understand how important these decisions are to you and your family. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you.

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Is Cremation the Best Solution Financially?

When it comes to planning for funeral arrangements, budget is a non-negotiable consideration for many families. Though many wishes to spend as much as they can in order to send the right message, money doesn’t grow on trees. That has made cremation an increasingly desirable option given every extent to which it can reduce certain costs. If you or someone you know is looking into cremation services Melrose Park, IL, remember that there are a range of affordable possibilities when it comes to the option. Cremation can save you money, and that certainly isn’t the only benefit. Cremation also makes it possible to remember the deceased in a range of increasingly creative ways. Whether you prefer a classic urn or the option of scattering one’s cremated remains at a meaningful location, there are ways to turn cremation into a significant legacy.

But the big question for many is whether they can afford it. Prices will of course vary, but the important thing is that, yes, it is certainly possible for cremation to save you some serious money. Remember that burial requires a casket and generally implies a funeral or graveside service. That casket can be expensive, particularly if your family prefers one with a particularly fancy finish. While those kinds of preferences are certainly understandable, the point is that a casket alone can become a strain for some budgets. That certainly isn’t always the case, and one shouldn’t ignore the possibility of burial just because they’re worried about paying for a casket. There are generally options that can work with a number of different budgets. That said, cremation can create a more straightforward and less costly solution for those who are open to the possibility.

If you are willing to entertain an inexpensive container for cremated remains, cremation can be extremely affordable for just about anyone. This kind of solution makes a lot of sense for families who are thinking about scattering those remains or otherwise having them turned into some kind of artwork or jewelry (the options here are seemingly endless). If you are more interested in a really nice urn, then sure, that will cost some money. But these kinds of urns may make more sense if you’re interested in having the cremated remains displayed at someone’s home.

cremation services Melrose Park, IL

So, there is somewhat of a caveat, here. Cremation can cost money, too. Many also wish to have cremated remains buried or interred, and that will include a cost for the property associated therewith. One should also think about the kind of services they wish to hold. A funeral or memorial service will cost additional money, whether you opt for burial or cremation. If you’re taking a budget very seriously, there are a range of considerations. Cremation, however affordable, is just one of them.

If cremation services Melrose Park, IL is the right choice for your loved one, consider reaching out to us at Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium. We pride ourselves on handling your cremation or burial needs in a caring and compassionate fashion. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you.

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Why It Pays to Work With a Funeral Home

Funeral homes are more than just a convenience. In your time of need, you and your family will need all the help you can get. In order to avoid the kind of anxieties that all too often accompany funeral planning, you may wish to work closely with a funeral home. If you or someone you know is looking for a funeral homes Melrose Park, IL, you should rest assured that there are professionals in your area who are prepared to walk you through the planning process and take any number of items off your shoulders. Given the importance of such an occasion, pursuing that kind of help makes a lot of sense. Resist the temptation to go with it alone. While you may be concerned about saving money, remember that a funeral home can often present you with package deals that are ultimately the best thing for your budget.

Funeral homes can address several your needs in a straightforward and efficient fashion. By taking stock of your needs in a comprehensive way, they are often in position to present you with options that save you considerable money when all is said and done. These kinds of options can also save you a lot of work. When the time comes, you may find that you don’t have the opportunity to handle all the logistical requirements on your own. There are people to contact, information to share, and plans to be made. While you will likely find yourself heavily involved with the process, that doesn’t mean you should be on your own. That’s where a funeral home comes into play. Experts can address any number of items that come up, and they are of course prepared to handle a variety of responsibilities that you might not be familiar with (e.g. having the body of the deceased transported to and from a funeral). That makes their help extremely valuable.

While a funeral home can’t make every decision for you, it can certainly make those decisions easier to make. In addition to handling a number of items directly, funeral homes can also inform and educate you when it comes to planning a funeral or memorial service. You may have a number of questions when it comes to how those services should work and what they should feel like. Remember that funeral directors have been through the process many, many times. They are in the perfect position to explain things and equip you to make whatever arrangements you ultimately wish to make. If, for example, you aren’t sure who should speak at the funeral or have questions about the kind of music that should be played, a funeral director can work with you on these kinds of issues.

funeral homes Melrose Park, IL

In general, funeral homes can reduce the pressure on you and your family. That matters, particularly at a time like this. If you are looking for a reputable funeral homes Melrose Park, IL, consider reaching out to Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium. We are prepared to make your life easier and work with you closely during your time of need. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you.